CFA FCT/UNL is one of the two scientific groups of Centro de Física Atómica (CFA). Most of its members belong to Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCTUNL).


The CFA FCT/UNL is a Group of the Centro de Física Atómica (CFA), which is essentialy formed by members of the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (FCT) da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). The CFA FCT/UNL is not organized into formal subgroups with leaders, but by topical areas, each researcher being free to liaise with one or more areas at any one time, and change liasions as time goes by.


The CFA FCT/UNL is composed of effective members and associated members. Effective members are researchers in Atomic and Molecular Physics, Biophysics and related topics, with a Ph.D. degree and that were either founders or have been subsequently accepted as effective members of CFA FCT/UNL. Associated members are temporary collaborators of the former, even when holding a Ph.D., whilst working in research activities of the CFA FCT/UNL.

The CFA FCT/UNL is governed by a Scientific Committee and a Coordinator.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is composed of all the effective members of CFA FCT/UNL and its functions are:

  1. to elect and dismiss the Coordinator;
  2. to appreciate and approve the budgets and plans of activities submitted by the Coordinator;
  3. to deliberate on the effective membership;
  4. to deliberate on any other matters not under the scope of the Coordinator;
  5. to alter the statutes.